Tore Duvold CEO

Board member and CEO since September 2020.

Born: 1968

Education and experience:
Tore Duvold has more than twenty years of experience from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with thorough experience in dermatological diseases, antibiotics and kidney. Tore Duvold was President of Aker Biopharma AS 2014 - 2015 and Senior Vice President and part of the Group Management at LEO Pharma for a total of 15 years. Tore Duvold most recently came from Innovation Fund Denmark, where he took over as Deputy CEO in 2015 and was appointed CEO in April 2019. Tore Duvold has served on boards and advisory boards at both the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. Tore Duvold has a degree in organic chemistry from the universities of Bergen and Oslo and has a doctorate in bioorganic chemistry from the University of Louis Pasteur, France.

Tore Duvold privately owns 1,000,000 warrants of the 2020/2024 series in Coegin Pharma.

Berit Johansen CSO

CSO since 2005.

Born: 1958

Education and experience:
Berit Johansen has been active in Coegin Pharma since the start in 2005 and is a professor of molecular genetics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is the main inventor of the company's anti-inflammatory treatment method. Berit Johansen's international academic career includes positions at the Molecular Biology Institute at UCLA, at the Biomedical Center at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, at NTH, the Department of Biotechnology and at the Institute of Molecular Genetics, University of Göttingen, Germany. Berit Johansen has also held positions as a visiting researcher at Biogen Research Corporation, Cambridge, MA and at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego, CA, and Brigham & Women's Hospital / Harvard University, Boston, USA.

Berit Johansen owns 3,873,611 shares in Coegin through the wholly owned company Bejo Holding AS, Berit also owns 1,000,000 warrants of series 2020/2024 in Coegin Pharma through the company Bejo Holding AS.

Kristian Lykke Fick CCO

CCO since September 2021.

Born: 1970

Education and experience:
Kristian Lykke Fick specializes in life sciences and business development with more than twenty years of experience from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with thorough experience in, among other things, dermatological diseases, infectious diseases and kidney diseases. Kristian Lykke Fick has held leading positions in LEO Pharma for almost 20 years and most recently came from LEO Pharma INC in Toronto, where he took over as CEO in 2018. In Kristian's previous roles, the focus has mainly been on sales and marketing, business strategy and business development. which included inlicensing and outlicensing. Kristian Lykke Fick has a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium and the Aarhus School of Business in Denmark. In addition, Kristian also has a master's degree in Economics from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen.

Kristian Lykke Fick does not own, privately or through companies, any shares in Coegin Pharma.

Alexander Dahlquist CFO

CFO since 2021.

Born: 1971

Education and experience:
Alexander Dahlquist has extensive experience from retail, the construction sector and the logistics sector with extensive experience in international finance, business follow-up in large market-leading companies and process development. Alexander has held leading roles as CFO for GDL Transport and Senior Controller for Saint-Gobain Distribution Nordic. Alexander Dahlquist most recently came from a position as CFO at BIMobject AB. Alexander Dahlquist has studied at the American School of Paris and has a bachelor's degree in statistics from Lund University.

Alexander Dahlquist does not own, privately or through companies, any shares in Coegin Pharma.