Our company

Ever since its inception in 2005, Coegin Pharma has carried out extensive research and development of pharmaceutical substances, both on its own account and within the context of a long-standing international cooperation, with a focus on inhibiting the key enzyme cPLA₂α of the phospholipase A2 family.

The company’s research and technology are based on three decades of work by Professor Berit Johansen and her research group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Berit was the first to identify the unique properties of cPLA2α.

The enzyme plays a central role in inflammation and uncontrolled cell growth and is thoroughly validated, both pre-clinically and clinically, as a highly promising therapeutic target in a range of inflammatory diseases, cancers and fibrosis. The company carries out its activities in a cost-effective manner by means of a semi-virtual organization, where our in-house research is mixed with outsourcing to external expertise.