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Coegin Pharma has set the foundations for an eventful 2021

  • Development of a new ambitious strategy with a focus on skin cancer.
  • Listing on NGM Nordic SME through a reverse takeover by GoldBlue AB.
  • Establishment of the expertise required to conduct clinical trials in actinic keratosis and a future Phase IIa clinical trial in basal cell carcinoma.
  • Established cooperation with Studies&Me and Bispebjerg Hospital for a combined Phase I/II clinical trial in actinic keratosis with AVX001, expected to be conducted and completed in 2021.
  • Submitted clinical application to conduct Phase I/II trial in actinic keratosis.
  • Broadened pipeline and expanded ambitions, including evaluation of projects related to diseases such as leukemia, triple-negative breast cancer and chronic kidney disease.
  • Planned spinouts of two separate subsidiaries focused on systemic cancers and chronic renal disease, respectively.
  • Two completed capital raises totaling MSEK 31.4.

“We are ready to exploit the therapeutic potential of our platform to develop drugs for several indications where the need for new treatments is high.”

- Tore Duvold

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